This 100% natural Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used for over 2000 years. Today Velvet continues to be one of the most widely used of all TCMs. Velvet can provide extraordinary benefits for anyone from the very young to the very old.

About Deer Velvet

Health Benefits Of Velvet

DEER VELVET has been long established as a major Asian medicine. Modern 
science is now beginning to understand and validate some of the traditional understandings 
about velvet.

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Enhanced immune system

Recent New Zealand research shows that Velvet stimulates the immune system, increases white cell production and has a positive effect on physical training, stamina and performance. Russian research has shown that Velvet has beneficial effects on blood pressure, stress and stamina. Agrisearch at Invermay (Dunedin NZ) has shown that velvet stimulates the production of white blood cells adding scientific support to the extensive anecdotal evidence of velvet stimulating the body’s immune system.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Velvet has been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits in laboratory and clinical experiments.

Athletic performance

Clinical trials at the University of Otago Human Performance Centre demonstrated that muscle strength and endurance were enhanced by the taking of velvet.

Another trial demonstrated reduced levels of creatine kinase, suggesting reduced muscle damage.

Many top New Zealand athletes (including world champions) use or have used Deer Velvet and
 are convinced that it enhances their training, development, performance and recovery. 

They include:

former world No 1 tri-athlete Hamish Carter, "I really believe it helps my 
training, energy and endurance. I feel better and recover faster when taking velvet".

Jannene Harker, World surf ski champion 1996-98, also represented NZ in Judo, 
Water Polo and Surf Lifesaving. After she began taking velvet Jannene noted 
improvements in strength, intensity and immunity. "I can definitely recommend 
deer velvet to anyone wishing to compete in sport or 
maintain a healthy lifestyle".

Perhaps more importantly these observations are supported by recent scientific studies as discussed above.


We recommend taking an initial dose of one or two capsules of VELSEI GOLD a day.

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Velvet can have a stimulating effect so is best taken earlier in the day to avoid difficulty in getting to sleep at night.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, typical doses are prescribed at up to an equivalent of four capsules a day with reduced doses for children. Toxicity studies have shown no harmful effects from taking velvet at these doses.

One of the traditional measures of maximum tolerance is spontaneous nose bleeding. If this happens then the dose should be reduced. 

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Some people feel benefits from taking velvet almost immediately however many health problems arise over many years so it can take some time to restore normal health.

We always recommend caution. If you experience unexpected results or have health issues, we recommend that you consult with your health practitioner.

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This site is operated by Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) from servers in New Zealand. This site provides information about deer velvet.