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Scientific Research

Modern Research supports the concept of velvet as a dietary supplement.

It can enhance the immune system, act as an anti-inflammatory and increase athletic performace.

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Although velvet is referenced as traditional medicine it is best understood as an extraordinary health tonic with wide-ranging benefits.

Traditional wisdom describes velvet as a tonic to the blood. Our blood services every part of our body delivering oxygen and nutrients and removing waste. With better functioning blood every aspect of our health can improve.

Today we eat foods with reduced levels of nutrients and which are mostly grown with the use of chemicals in an increasingly polluted environment. These factors demand that our bodies are given every opportunity to meet these additional modern day challenges.

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Traditional Wisdom

The use of velvet is recorded over 2000 years ago on a silk scroll from a Han tomb in China along with a list of 50 diseases for which deer antler was prescribed.

Today TCM defines Velvet as the most potent Yang tonic, the high energy aspect of the Yin – Yang relationship. This is consistent with the experiences of many who take velvet and find that they experience increased energy. Some find that if taken later in the day Velvet may interfere with getting to sleep, thus we recommend it be taken in the morning.

Velvet is traditionally prescribed to build up the immune system for such stresses as winter ailments or planned surgery. It is widely prescribed and used as a general health boosting tonic, especially for the young and old.